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Circular Library

"Great Literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree"

Literature is a reflection of human nature as well as a means of learning and connecting with others.
It is not just confined to understanding the context, It is a door to exhibit thoughts, emotions and
connect with the world.

Core Members 

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Gargi Kalra

I'm Gargi Kalra, from 2nd year, (CSIT branch). I am fond of reading a variety of books and creating quotations and articles. I've also received a lot of accolades at various levels. As a dedicated and hardworking individual, I would strive hard to make the literary club a success, and together we will work towards instilling positive and productive attributes in ourselves.

I'm Ayush Garg, a passionate programmer, 2nd year CSE student. I have performed in various activities during my school days such as serving as a school senate from sixth standard and working in the school ATL Lab for years, which has developed my confidence and communication skills. The experience gained from there is what I wish to share with all the members of the organisation.

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Ayush Garg
Vice President


Article Writing
Story Writing
Presentation Speech

The objective of this club is to enhance the literary skills of the students and provide a
platform to exhibit their skills and explore their minds with ideas and creativity.

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