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Literature is Humanity Talking to itself



The club offers a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry students. It promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, Debating, creative writing, literature,  Elocution, etc.,. among the students.

  • Literary club is to develop self-efficacy and      confidence and would help to enhance the general      knowledge base.

  • Works in tandem to benefit students in the disciplines of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and enjoyable

  • Sharpening the skills of logical thinking.

  • It develops excellent communication skills and teaches students to think spontaneously.


The goal of the Technical Language Society is to provide a learning environment for all students as well as a platform for them to demonstrate their abilities. Students will develop organization skills and persuasive skills.

- We will take a responsibility 

- We will heed, learn and evolve.

- We will work conscientiously to model and foster and inclusive and equitable experience to all.

- We will Build confidence to be at ease not only professionally but also socially.



Clubs that come under the umbrella of technical language society:


Dr. Priya Satsangi

Since childhood, I have always felt a magnetic force toward language and literature. Throughout my educational years, I have been actively involved in curricular activities that helped me hone my communication and presentation skills. I finally cemented my love for language by getting a Doctorate in English Literature .
As the faculty coordinator of the Technical Language Society, I wish to nurture among the students the seeds of language learning and aspire to help the young generation develop their skills and knowledge in enhancing communication skills. With the support of my able team, I aim to apply my expertise in literature and business communication to provide a platform for students where they can explore and exhibit their talents and engage in the process of learning, growth, and development.

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